Reaching Europe with the message of hope

Our goal is to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all the people of Europe.

Mission Trip to Ukraine

The Gospel is taken to Ukraine along with words of encouragement to believers

on Your wonderful works, I will meditate

"On the glorious splendor of Your majesty And on Your wonderful works, I will meditate" (Ps 145:5 NASB)



Training Session in Gloucester

Church leaders and workers receive Biblical instructions on the responsibilities of believers.

The Church in Hungary

Believers in Hungary, glad to receive the Word of God




Building Bridges to Communities

In 2016 GEM Europe partnered with New Creation Bible Church in the Gambia to build a Nursery-Primary school in the Kotu Community. This poor community had no school and is very much looked down on. Children here play out in the sand all day with no formal education. 


Door to The Gospel

The official commissioning of a section the school in 2018, brought people from the mostly Muslim communities together. Many came to a church for the very first time. The Gambia is a predominantly Muslim country with 95% of the population Muslim (


Waiting to Register

Excited families wait in line to register their children for school. No fees are charged, the school is completely free.

First Day of School

Children are excited as they arrive for the first day of school.


Announcement in The Newspaper

Study of Titus

Grace Evangelistic Ministries, Europe is a UK registered charity - 1149525 and a subsidiary of Grace Evangelistic Ministries, Worldwide in Nashville, Tennessee, US


The Power of Redemptive Love

Bishop Michael Curry explores the power of redemptive love in his sermon at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria 2017 Conference

Raising An Army For Global Mission

The theme of the recent conference in Port Harcourt, Nigeria was Raising an Army for Global Mission. Rev. Tayo exhorted the church to raise authentic disciples for mission.


Meeting CAN Executive Board, Rivers State, Nigeria

Rev. Tayo met with the Executive Board of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Rivers State, Nigeria.

Minister's Training Conference, Bristol

October 28-29, 2016

Unlocking The Grand Narrative of The Bible

GEM Europe  held a minister's conference in Bristol that brought together pastors, missionaries and believers from the United Kingdom and Europe.  

The 2016 training conference covered vital topics such as an overview of the Bible, Creation Narrative, Rebellion and The Fall, Restoration and Salvation, the new creation and application.

Pastors and Missionaries Training Conference in Romania

May 9 - 12, 2016

Reaching Southern Romania

GEM Europe trains pastors and missionaries to take the Gospel to Romanians in their own language. In conjunction with RESO, GEM is developing training curriculum for Romania and the Balkans as an important part of our strategic mission in Eastern Europe. Our goal is to provide the tools that will enable the local pastors and missionaries effectively undertake the vital work of mission. We recognize the importance of properly equipping pastors and missionaries with sound Bible doctrine.  

The May 2016 training conference covered vital topics such as an overview of the Bible. With participants already signed up for the next 4 years, we will explore other subjects such as Christian doctrines, Bible exposition, Missionology, Leadership and Discipleship. 

Mission Trips and Events

Balkans Mission Trip

Rev. Tayo made a recent visit to Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Serbia. Please join us to pray for the work in the Balkans with the growing numbers of refugees. For guidance in establishing a training facility here.


Meeting With Church Mission Society, Oxford

Rev. Tayo met with the Chief Executive International Mission Director and the Regional Missions Director for Africa of the Church Mission Society, Oxford, UK.


Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches

Rev. Tayo met with John Stevens, the National Director of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) in the UK. FIEC is a network of more than 500 evangelical churches.


Bible verse of the day

Rev. Moses Onwubiko

President and founder of Grace Evangelistic Ministries,  a non-denominational, Christian, missionary oriented ministry, incorporated in the State of Tennessee, United States, as a non-profit organization.

Bruce Bumgardner

Bruce Bumgardner has served as the pastor of Pine Valley Bible Church since its inception in 1994. He accompanies GEM on many mission trips around the world.

Tayo Arikawe

Rev. Tayo Arikawe is a Trustee of Grace Evangelistic Ministries, Europe. He helps coordinates the activities of GEM in Europe.

Life Resource Centre

The Word of God is the anchor of life. The Bible has God's plan for the human race. For the believer, the Bible has far greater significance. As water is to a tree so is the Word of God to the life of the believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. The life of the believer depends on knowing God's Word and living it. Grace Evangelistic Ministries' Life Resource Centre provides free resources for the spiritual life of the believer.  

Click on this link to GEM Worldwide's Life Resource Centre to access resource for the Christian Life.


  • GEM Europe's office has moved to 2 Lansdowne Road, Croydon. 
  • Volunteers are invited to join us in our ongoing Gambia School Project. Please send email to 


There is no price list for any of our materials. No money is requested. When gratitude for the Word of God and understanding of the need to disseminate the simple grace gospel and sound Bible teaching motivates you to contribute, you have the privilege of giving and sharing in the spread of the Word of God.

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